Summer is here! :D


After the entire wait, exams are finally over and summer time is here. Oh, correction, vacations are here, in Pakistan we have summer for almost 9 months a year 😦 Anyways as Deez Nut’s song ‘Tonight we’re gonna party’ says: ‘Tonight we’re gonna party, like there’s no tomorrow, forget about our whoas and drown our sorrows’. Yay! The much awaited party time is here!

So everybody’s happy, thought there’s this scorching heat here in Pakistan, but everyone’s glad that they’re free. I was badly waiting for summer, firstly because there are these loads of movies I have to watch, and loads of television series I have to catch up and loads of fun that’s to come. This is going to be my best summer at least and hope same goes for all other people out there.

Reasons why summer’13 is going to be awesome:

1)      My whole family is getting together in Orlando after so long, makes me do bhangra. Haha

2)       I gave my first CIE’s, was a lot of burden man.

3)      I get to watch all the classic movies and series.

4)      I can waste as much time as I want.

5)      I can take as many pictures as I want.

6)      I can get back to my blog 😀

Okay so, what I am going to do in this summer is, meet all those friends I have made in this previous year 2012/2013. I have made so many friends this year, and I am totally in love with all of them.

And I am going to keep writing, which I love, and keep taking pictures which I love too.

That’s it for now, and on an ending note, as my sister says ‘Give love, and let love come in’. Hope everybody has a great summer and a great partying time.

So excited! 🙂

Happy summertime Niggas ahh yeah
We rolling 
Drop up in the summer time
And we rolling through the block with the sun shining and I
Just wanna ride, I just wanna ride
Go to the mall and I hit the gym
And have a pool party, gets some chicks all swim I
I just wanna ride, I just wanna ride.

-R. Kelly



9 thoughts on “Summer is here! :D

  1. Really good job amna! Feels great to know that i’m one of those so many people you met this year and are in love with! :*
    Keep it up! 🙂

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